The b3AtomSmasher

Is a jQuery Plug-in that aims to make adding client side retrieval of Atom Feeds easy. The main goal for this project was to clean up, and extend several Cross-Domain / RSS feed solutions. I could not find a solution that 'fit' nicely. The features were either too short, didn't consume an Atom feed, restricted styling and so forth. The goal was to create a plug-in that would work for external Cross-Domain feeds, without requiring any server side scripts, making this ideal for several hosting providers.


Here are some of the features that b3AtomSmasher covers: Reads Atom 1.0 Feeds, Cross Domain Compliant and Proxy compatible with the use of Yahoo Pipes, Custom Styling, Isolated Instances - grab multiple feeds, small.

Dictate styling to any feed Parent.

#feedholder1 .title{color:red;}
#feedholder1 .author{font-weight:bold;}

#feedholder2 .title{color:blue;}
#feedholder2 .author{border:1px solid green;}


Easy to impliment.

b3AtomSmasher is easy to impliment. You need jQuery 1.4+ , and the b3AtomSmasher plugin.

		targeturl: "",


b3atomsmash.min.js (2.3Kb) version .02
b3atomsmash.full.js (5.7Kb) version .02


Test with: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7/8, Google Chrome 8, Firefox 3.6 and Safari

Bugs and Issues

Report a bug to me here toxigenicpoem (at) gmail (dot) com

This method works across all browsers, because of Yahoo Pipes and YQL. Yahoo allows 1,000 requests per day, per IP for public access. That is your visitors IP, and not your servers.